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Congratulations to the following children who achieved 100% attendance during the Autumn term 2018. The children have been awarded a certificate along with a bronze 100% badge and they have come to school in their own clothes (non- uniform) for 2 days.

Foundation Stage 2

Simon, Finn, Talia, Florence & Vivienne

Class 1

Eva, Ryan, Elliot, Chloe, Oliver, Elliott, Subhan, Tristan, Hope & Lennon

Class 2

Lara, Henry, Evelyn, John Joe, Harrison, Lillie, Sophie, Callum & Angel

Class 3

Nadezhda, Lucy, Rose, Jed, Purdy, Darma, Isabella, Lydia, Harry & Abigayle

Attendance data 2017-18


Overall school attendance: 96.21%

Girls:                                  95.91%

Boys:                                  96.55%

Pupil Premium children:      95.54%

Non Pupil Premium:            96.32%