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Mobile Phones

In the interests of child safety the following procedures have been put in place for the use of mobile phones in school: 

Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones at school or on trips, except in exceptional circumstances as agreed with the headteacher.


If in the event of a parent wishing for his/her child to bring a mobile phone to school to contact the parent after school:


-the phone must be handed in, switched off, to the office first thing in the morning before school starts and collected from the office by the child at home time after they have been dismissed by the Class Teacher  (the phone is left at the owner’s own risk).


Mobile phones used in school without permission will be confiscated and must be collected by the parent.



Teachers and teaching assistants use school iPads in and around the school to take photographs, collect evidence of learning etc.


Parents and visitors

We request that parents and visitors do not use mobile phones in the school building or grounds. Mobile phones must never be used to take photographs in the school building or grounds without prior consent of the leadership team. Any photographs that are taken at events must be of your child only and not displayed on social media unless it is only containing your child.