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100% Attendance - Autumn term 2017

The following children came to school every single day during the Autumn term 2017:

Ella C, Eva, Chloe R, Elliott A, Owen, Maisie P, Lara, Sophia F, Max, Megan N, Hannah SG, Angel, Nadezhda, Arthur B, Evan, Purdy, Lydia, Ben C, Saffron, Saleh, Daniel C & Arthur M

All of these children will be rewarded with a bronze 100% badge and a 'treat' voucher.

Many congratulations to you all!  no


The following children achieved 100% attendance between October half term and Christmas:

Isla, Sebastian, Ryan, Elliot ME, Jessica, Maisy R, Harry S, Oliver, Subhan, Alice, Hope, Henry, John, Keianna, Katy, Lillie, Sophie, Callum, Faith, Liam F, Mason, Matthew, George, Joshua, Scarlett and Mollie.


That's 48 children out of 84 who came to school every day in the second half of the autumn term. That's AMAZING!


Very well done if your name appears on the list but also congratulations to the following children who also had very good attendance:


More than 98%: Rose 

More than 96%: Tristan, Scarlett-May, Lennon, Poppy, Bethany, Lucy C, Liam J, Isabella & Daniel L