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Just Giving Gainsborough

I have received this letter this week. Please take a look; it may be something that you may be interested in being involved in. Thank you. YR



After working with Bearded Fishermen mental health charity and the two Facebook pages 'Just Struggling in Gainsborough' and 'Just Giving Gainsborough' I realised that there is a need for support in our villages.

Myself and Carol Merriman have created a private Facebook support page called Just Giving Misterton, Beckingham and local villages. 

This page is open to anyone who lives in Beckingham, Saundby, Walkeringham, Gringley and Misterton.  Any members who have items to donate free will post on the page either under their name or anonymously as Group member. If someone would like to ask for this,  they will either comment or inbox the donator and the item is passed on.

If someone needs something ie a fridge they can put on a plea for this or they can message admin to put a post on for them so their identity is private.

No one is judged. I'm sure we all agree that people from all walks of life have times in their lives when they need something they cannot afford at that time.

We have had new housing estates built in our villages and more are planned. We have people being housed from Worksop by Bassetlaw District Council away from their families. Some of these people have no car so are needing help. Only Misterton has a shop so those who live in the other villages cannot pop out for milk for example should they run out. This became a problem at Christmas when buses weren't running.

We are trying to connect with families who need help or want to offer help and wondered if this information could be shared with families of children at your school. 

I will be sending this to all schools in the area. Beckingham head teacher has contacted us to discuss our group and is including a note in their newsletter. Is this something you could do too?

I would be very grateful if this was possible. Please would you mention us to any families who you feel would benefit from joining our group?

We will be doing emergency food parcels in the future as I know there are families who may need these in the villages.

Thank you for reading

Lynne Weston

07788 434351