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Parent Survey Spring 2018

Thank you to those of you who responded to our parent survey. Here is a summary of the comments that have been made.


What I think is working well at St. Peter’s C of E Primary School:


  • Our children love St. Peter’s and so do we! The teachers are fantastic!
  • Everyone is very approachable and always very helpful.
  • The staff are all very friendly and approachable.
  • I always feel my child is valued and well cared for.
  • My children clearly love all their teachers and support staff. They are very happy at school which is what we want most for them.
  • Love the variety of after-school clubs being offered.
  • Communication has improved via all mediums particularly texts, and the website.
  • Accessibility to talk to the teachers has improved as they are all out on the playground at the start and end of the day.
  • The celebration assemblies and awards are really lovely to be part of; to see how proud the children are of themselves and each other.
  • Read, Write Inc. The children really enjoy it and it’s great to see their progress.
  • A caring, friendly and welcoming environment for all children.
  • Teachers know the pupils well and their abilities, levels and targets.
  • Exciting activities in school and extra-curricular activities.
  • We have enjoyed the Messy Church; celebration assemblies; activities and learning.
  • For parents, there have been very good performances and opportunities to see children e.g. at the nativity and church festivals.
  • Communication is much improved and personally I find the helpful reminder text messages useful to keep up to date with changes/activities. Newsletters and website are improved and help parents feel involved and up to date with events.
  • Our children will remember their time here as happy and very special.
  • We are given pointers to certain things to do at home that would help our children so we know what to focus on.
  • It’s excellent that my children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
  • Both my kids love coming to school. I like to think this is down to your great teachers, friendly staff and fun learning techniques (not a reflection on it being boring at home).
  • Read, Write Inc. My child loves it and is much more involved with his writing now than he ever was. It has made a marked improvement in his ability and enthusiasm.
  • I think there has been great improvement over the past year. Well done.


What I think could be improved:


  • ‘I worry sometimes that the mindset of discovery, exploration and a desire to be creative and know more, is sometimes squeezed by the standard curriculum. Would it be possible to do more geography, history or art projects?’

We are currently in the process of reviewing the curriculum so that it is more skills based rather than content driven. In this way, there will be far greater opportunity for a more child-led approach to learning and in this way, we expect to achieve a much greater capacity for exploration, creativity and discovery.


  • Could Year 1 & 2 children do ‘Show & Tell’?

We believe that there is a place for ‘Show and Tell’ in all primary classrooms. This often takes place as the children share what they have learnt with the rest of the class. Time for sharing events and findings that have been made outside of school are great learning opportunities although they do need to be carefully managed by the class teacher, so that the curriculum is not compromised excessively.


  • Please can we have an overview of maths for each half term?

We will review the detail that we include on the Curriculum pages of our school website.


  • Could the toilets me made nicer please?

This sounds like a task for the School Council. We will ask them to question the children about their thoughts on the current state of the toilets and what they feel could be improved.


  • Communication regarding how things work at school: card systems for behaviour, Dojos and ‘Read, Write Inc’ groups.

The school website contains a detailed explanation of the school’s behaviour and rewards systems on the Behaviour page.

We have recently introduced a ‘slip’ system to notify parents when their child has moved ‘Read, Write Inc’ group.


  • I have said that teachers are more accessible in the playground. However, this isn’t always helpful when parents work. I guess more timely communication with easier methods is helpful for those who are not at school regularly, and also if I require discussion with the teacher to help support learning.


The school text message service; the Newsletter page and the Calendar that can be synced to Smartphones, on the school website include all of the up-to-date messages and reminders.

The school has an open door policy and parents are welcome to make an appointment outside of school hours at a mutually convenient time. We do not recommend trying to discuss important school issues after 8:40 am as the teachers are preparing to go out onto the playground and we do not want parents to feel that they are bein rushed or not being listened to.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher, please contact Mrs Howitt in the School Office on 01777 817330.


  • Some homework can be difficult to support when there are sometimes no instructions/expectations clear.

You’re absolutely right! We will ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future!


  • School trips: 2 years on the trot to a Nativity themed trip which seemed very similar to last year. When we are paying £14, I would prefer my child to experience something different.

The Nativity visit will take place on a bi-annual basis in future.


  • Both my children have to attend hospital twice a year to see their consultants. This is then held against them in their attendance to which they lose the school attendance treat. This seems unfair as this will continue for the rest of the school years to which it seems their medical/disabilities are held/used against them.

For the purpose of attendance certificates, reward badges and treats, medical appointments are discounted from the attendance figures so that the child(ren) are not penalised on medical grounds.

Illness and holidays in term time are included in these attendance figures.


  • School menu: As you have to make your child’s choices 3-4 weeks in advance, we have no idea whether they will like this choice. This results in us having to switch to pack up, some of the choices are unusual (porkies) so it’s a case of waiting to see if they like them.

As the school meals are provided by Nottinghamshire County Council Catering Services, the school is only able to make limited changes to this system (i.e. offering a single choice or two choice option). The children vote for the options available on each day and this forms the future menu.

If you are not happy with any aspects relating to school meals, please contact Notts CC on 0300 500 8080.


  • My Year 1 child often fails to bring letters home. Please could the letters be put into book bags?

We are confident that this can be easily resolved.