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Stars of the Week

The children who were awarded a 'Good Work' certificate last week were:

Foundation Stage: Poppy for good work

Class One: Simon for good work

Class Two: Harrison for explanation of what he finds awe inspiring in God's creations.

Class Three: Jed for good work

Very well done to all of these children. You have been superstars.   no


The children who received a certificate for demonstrating our weekly 'Be behaviours' were: 

Foundation Stage: Scarlett-Rose for being kind

Class One: Talia for being kind

Class Two: Sophia for being kind

Class Three: Keianna for being kind


The children who received a certificate for having a 'Wow' word last week were:

Foundation Stage: Flynn for 'poisonous'

Class One: Eva for 'uncomfortable'

Class Two: Ben for 'horrific'

Class Three: Faith for describing the sound of the clarinet as 'dark'


Well done. We are all very proud of you.


Anyone mentioned on this page has earned themselves a Dojo.