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The Building Project

Preparing the ground for Class 3's new classroom - December 2020

More groundworks with mini-digger
Groundworks from a different angle
A pile
Simon on his dumper

A Brand New Room - with lots of drains underneath December 2020

Preparing for the new oil store - January 2020

EYFS check on the developments
Friendly concrete man
Richard collecting concrete
Simon paddling!
Simon rakes the concrete to form the base
The oil tank has been transferred to its new home

The Foundations of a New Group Room

The new classroom for Class 3 starts to take shape - footings

Building begins

Things start to get off the ground - end of January

The arrival of the new floor in liquid form - concrete

A big concrete tanker
Joel and Alfie watch from a safe distance
Highlight of the school year!
The birth of a new floor
The finished product

Time for the building to begin. It's so cold that the bricks need to be wrapped up!

A friendly delivery driver
Class 3's old window

Spot the difference

Goodbye Bridget - we'll see you on the other side

Raising the Roof


Stay Home Stay Safe
Gringley Rocks!

The Lone Landscaper Visits

New Shed No. 1
Creating light for the new classroom
View of the top bank from below
I didn't know that was there!
The top bank has expanded
A new view from the top bank
Arrival of Shed No. 2
And a new fence
that is very long

Goodbye Old Class 3

A new door is created
From the old to the new
Where did the windows go?
What no wall?
Toilet out of order
Oh dear Class 3
The Magical Moving Window

Hello New Class 3

Goodbye Noah
Face the front, children
Where did Bridget go?
The new classroom door
A new group room springs up
It looks like a classroom! Wow!
The Powder Room
Way in

Things are taking shape - May 2020

Class 3's new door
The cloakroom window
It looks like a proper wall
The new cloakroom

10th June 2020

The new hall - view from original hall
The new hall - view from the old cloakroom door
Just like the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Skyspace
Door to a new group room - The Hive
Inside The Hive
Welcome to Class 3
The plasterer is working hard
The Cleaning Cupboard aka the old cloakroom
No longer toilets! The new Honeycomb group room
The Throne Room
The Powder Room
Les Toilettes
The New Cloakroom, well half of it
Our futuristic roof
The view on top of class 3