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Who's Who

The staff team are:



Mrs Yvonne Reeson


Office Manager

Mrs Ruth Howitt


Early Years Staff: Foundation Stages 1 & 2 in the Foundation Stage Unit

Mrs Stephanie Green, class teacher - full-time

 Mrs Pam Foreman, teaching assistant - mornings


Key Stage 1 Staff: Class One , Years 1 & 2

Mrs Rebecca Parker-Edmondston, class teacher - part-time (0.8 per week) Monday to Thursday

Mrs Kerry Forrest, class teacher - part-time (0.2 per week) Friday

Mrs Anita Turner, teaching assistant - mornings


Key Stage 2 Staff

Lower Key Stage Two: Class Two, Years 3 & 4

Mrs Rebecca Tasker, class teacher - part-time (0.7 per week) full days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Tuesday morning

Mrs Yvonne Reeson, head teacher -  teaches Class 2 on Friday morning

Mrs Pam Foreman, teaching assistant - teaches Class 2 on Tuesday and Friday afternoons

Mrs Janine Blogg, teaching assistant - part-time classroom support


Upper Key Stage Two: Class Three, Years 5 & 6

Miss Bettina Houghton, class teacher - full-time


Education Support

Mrs Anita Turner, pupil support - afternoons

Mrs Joy Golland, teaching assistant - part-time (0.2) Monday & Tuesday mornings in FSU


Welfare Staff

Miss Lucy Sewell (Caretaker/Cleaner)

Mrs Carol Kingscott (Cook Supervisor)

Mrs Jodie Scott (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs Bev Taaffe (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs Linda Dalla-Riva (Midday Supervisor)

Miss Lucy Sewell (Midday Supervisor)


Our regular volunteers are:

Mrs Lyn Vlacho (Classroom support)

Mrs Val Briggs (Hearing readers)

Mrs Margaret Hustwick (Hearing readers & swimming volunteer)

Mr Garrick Taylor & Mrs June Taylor (Music for Friday collective worship)

Dorothy Bull (Foundation Stage reader and activity leader)

Mrs Liz Harrison (Classroom support for music & art)