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Class 1

Materials - Shelter building

Autumn Term

Sculpture Part 2


Class 1 made sculptures out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  We made different shapes to create structures.  It was quite hard to make without it falling down.  Some of us made tall structures and some made long structures. We had a great time.



Class 1 created sculptures using sugar cubes.  

Moving Pictures!


Class 1 created moving pictures with sliders.  We created a background and moved our 'character' across the page!



This week we continued learning about plants.  We listened to a song all about how a plant functions.  We then used our bodies to become part of a plant - each taking a different role.  



Class 1 has been learning how to research and find information on the computer.  This week we have put those skills to use, researching all about barn owls as part of our English lessons.  


Class 1 programmed bee-bots around the classroom.  Some used a bee-bot mat and programmed the bee from one place to another. 


This week in science Class 1 created models of a flower and labeled them with the different parts.


Class 1 dissected flowers and labeled the different parts.

Flower Art

We used our dissected flowers to create beautiful works of art.

Science - seeds and bulbs

This half-term Class 1 is learning about the parts of a plant.  We looked at a variety of different seeds and bulbs using magnifying glasses and set up some plants to watch them grow.

Kixx - P.E


Class 1 enjoys using art supplies to create crafts!  We are very creative and all use the resources differently to create some amazing projects.

STEM Building Challenge!

Fine Motor Skills Fun!

Autumn Term 2020

Miss Adams' Lockdown Letter January 2021

Class 1 Eye Colour Graph

Only One You by Linda Kranz