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Class 2

We had a brilliant time on your residential this year!

Class 2 Educational Visit to Hathersage, Eyam & Castleton

Wednesday 8th May to Friday 10th May 2024


Last minute reminders:

  • If you need a travel sickness tablet, please take this before you leave for school. Make sure that you have got an extra one for way home, in a named envelope. This needs handing to Mrs Reeson.
  • Come to school at the usual time. Leave ALL bags inside the school gate to the left of the gate, against the wall (near the noughts and crosses game). No bags will then get left behind in the classroom.
  • Go to the classroom and go to the toilet then sit in your seat, ready for the register.
  • We will be leaving school at about 9:15 am.
  • Any medicines need to be handed in to Mrs Reeson. This should include instructions for administration and the medicine itself. This includes travel sickness tablets for the return journey.
  • Please also hand in the extra £5 to Mrs Reeson and she will sign your name off on a form to say that she’s received it.
  • Mrs Reeson will be standing at the Class 2 door in the playground.
  • Packed lunch in a carrier bag that can go in the bin once eaten. If you have a plastic sandwich box to prevent squished sandwiches – put this back in your day bag once you have eaten your lunch.
  • Water bottle – to be used whilst we are away. This is ESSENTIAL.
  • £5 in a named purse or wallet for the essential trip activity ‘Visiting the Gift Shop’




  • Bag with clothes including coat, shoes, wellies etc and essentials such as a toothbrush, towel etc in – see kit list
  • Rucksack / backpack to put packed lunch and waterproofs in on our days out. Waterproofs can be packed in the big bag tonight!
  • Snacks to scoff whenever you get the chance – this is another key part of going on a school trip. Acceptable foods include crisps, Pringles, Haribo (other brands are available), biscuits, chocolate etc. Please do not bring gum or fizzy / energy drinks. Please pack these in a named carrier bag. Sweets etc are not allowed in rooms so we will keep them in the lounge.

Teddies / blankets if requi

We had a fantastic day at Bassetlaw Museum learning all about the Romans! We made a Roman pot using clay, worked as archaeologists, studying some Roman artefacts, learnt what a Roman soldier would have worn, and re-enated a Roman wedding!

Multiplication Check Prep Schedule - Times Tables Rock Stars

Our two very talented guitarist performed for us last week!

Curricukum Overview - Summer 1

Easter Egg Winners 2024!

Information for parents regarding the Year 4 Multiplication Check (June 2024)

We had a visit from the Dogs Trust last week, who taught us how to be safe around dogs.

'Today's Gonna be a Great Day!'

Still image for this video

Switch on your torches!

Still image for this video

Rehearsing with MC Grammar!

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Young Voices - 'Get on Board'

Still image for this video

Young Voices Concert 2024! It was BRILLIANT!

We are very lucky to have an expert from the Nottinghamshire Music Hub come to our school to teach us how to play the Toca djembe drum. We are really enjoying our lessons so far!

At the beginning of every new Science module, the children are provided with a 'Knowledge Organiser' to help them with their learning. This is the 'Knowledge Organiser' the children are currently using in our lessons about teetth and the digestive system. Ask your child to tell you what they know!

In maths, we have just started learning about 'multiplication and division'. Have a look at the documents below to get an idea of the sorts of things we will be doing.

This half term in English, we are learning a 'Wishing Tale' called 'The King of the Fishes'. This is the story map the children have been using to help them learn the story. Ask your child to tell you the story!

Our (very cold!) trip to Perlethorpe

What we will be learning about this half term (Spring 1)...

Jingle Jog at Sherwood Pines

'Put on your Gumboots'!

In music this half term, we have been learning to play a piece of music called 'Put on your Gumboots'. As this unit was based on music from South Africa, we first listened to different styles of South African music. We then watched a video of 'gumboot dancing' in which people make different rhythms, wearing gumboots (wellies!)!.

We then all learnt how to play the glockenspiel parts by reading music notation. We then all learned to sing the song and then finally we all learned the body percussion part.

Christmas 2023

Felting Workshop

Today, our brillant guitarists performed. Very well done to Percy and Flynn!

New TTRS Competition!

In P.E this half term, we have been doing 'gymnastics'. Here, the children are working in groups to create a routine, by following a set of instructions.

In English, we have been learning about 'Instructions'. We started off our learning, by learning a set of instructions, using a text map. Ask your child to 'read' the instructions!

Beatboxing Workshop

Beatboxing Workshop

Beatboxing Workshop - making the sounds of a bass drum, a high-hat and a snare drum!

Beatboxing Workshop - warming up!


Beatboxing - November 2023

What we will be learning about this half term...

In science today, we finished off our Chemistry learning about 'Rocks' with a lesson all about fossils. Here, the children are sorting statements into the correct order to explain the process of fossilisation!

Year 4s hard at work, making Roman Numerals using matchsticks!

Golf Day!

In science this week, we looked at soil with a magnifying glass to answer the question: Is soil just dirt? The most excitement seemed to come from spotting a worm! We also found decaying leaves/organic material, small pieces of rock, and organisms.

Design and Technology


Class 2 have continued their Food and Nutrition work by making stuffed peppers.  The children mixed bulgur wheat with raw vegetables and used this mixture to fill half peppers.  Lemon juice and olive oil were added to the mix and the whole thing was topped with feta cheese.

Class 2 have enjoyed eating their stuffed peppers.  This week's food was not as great a hit as last week's Noodle Salad, but the children have thought about what they would change for next time.  Some would add less lemon, some more cheese, and some would replace certain vegetables.  All the children tried their stuffed peppers and were able to describe their feelings towards their food.

Design and Technology


As part of our D&T unit on Food and Nutrition, Class 2 has been cooking delicious and nutritious food!

First up Noodle Salad, using rice noodles and assorted vegetables.  The dressing was made using brown sugar, soy sauce and lime.

The children have greatly enjoyed making Noodle Salad, but they enjoyed eating it even more.  Everyone had a try and the majority of the class gave it two thumbs up!

In history today, we looked at photos of some of the evidence of the middle Stone Age (the Mesolithic Era), to discuss what life was like in Mesolithic Britain.

Creswell Crags

This is what the children will be doing when we visit Creswell Crags on Monday. The children are really enjoying learning about 'The Stone Age' in history, so I am really excited to see how this trip can add to our overall learning experience.

Using drama to act-out 'Poppy, Waldo and the Giant'!

In English, we have been learning about a 'Meeting Tale', called 'Poppy, Waldo and the Giant'. This is our class story map, which we have used to help us learn the story. Ask your child to tell you the story!

In maths, we are learning about 'Place Value'. These booklets give you some examples of the sorts of things the children are doing in class.

Progress Awards 2023




Year 3 -  smiley

Year 4 - Vivienne




Year 3 - Elijah

Year 4 - Simon 




Year 3 - Jack

Year 4 - Penelope


Well done! 



Sports Day

'Peter Pan' Performance

Ready for 'Peter Pan'!

Residential 2023 - What a great (but tiring!) time we had!