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Parent Surveys and Parent View

These are some of the things that the parents at St. Peter's had to say about the school in December 2023:


A fabulous school and our little one loves it. It is such a great community to be a part of! Thank you for giving your all every day!

St. Peter’s is a fantastic school. Both my children attend here and have very different abilities and needs. The teachers are well liked by both children and are spoken of highly. The school encourages my children to develop academically and allows them to participate in activities that they are able to excel in. Mrs Reeson is a great head teacher, she is very approachable, knows each child and has a very fair approach when seeing to issues/concerns and deals with them effectively and promptly.

The school deals well with Parents, accessible and always with the child's needs at the front of their mind. My child has good opportunities to develop in standard school activities as well as in other areas like sport, music etc. A fabulous team who strive to make our little school the best it can be, for students, parents and the staff!

All in all brilliant school - couldn't ask for better

My son is only in FS1 but is thriving already having been there from September. I cannot speak highly enough of the head and all the staff I have had contact with up until now.

St Peter's has been an amazing choice for our children. The head teacher, Mrs Reeson, goes above and beyond for all her pupils. We are extremely happy with our children at this school and highly recommend it.


Positives-school trips, experiences, behaviour seems above average, happy with the school


My child is only in nursery but I really want him to get a place in your school. It's absolutely fantastic. The care and attention to make the children be there very best and the way the whole school is run is brilliant. I don't see any negatives from any aspects in my opinion.


Fantastic school, amazing staff.


I think that St. Peter's C of E Primary School, Gringley, is a truly lovely and caring school. My child feels very happy and secure in the school and learns really well as a result. The school has a strong and caring head and a wonderful team of caring staff. 


Here are some responses from our Parent Survey from May 2023:


Both my children have attended St Peter’s and absolutely loved it after a tricky start in another Primary school. It was the best move ever! My eldest has some of his best school memories here. The staff really get to know the children as individuals. I personally believe the certificates and celebration assemblies were great and each child can be celebrated in turn but also respect Mrs Reeson’s system. Such an amazing school giving my kids lasting memories and we will all be sad to leave.



My daughter feels happy at this school.The school does an amazing job at nurturing the children. Teachers and the head teacher are always on hand at the start and end of day for any queries or questions.The communications from the school are excellent.The extra curricular activities are very good and the option for an after school or breakfast club that is fun and engaging is a fantastic support for families who work.


Not sure that this survey offers enough response options. Difficult at times to place my child/answers in any option and so had to opt for nearest option. Overall happy with the school and the teachers. They are all approachable and make me feel that my child is important. They listen, no matter how tedious my conversation, which is important to me, so it's a win win situation for me!


St Peter’s is a fantastic school that is at the centre of the community. The quality of care, education and teaching to date has been second to none. I’m delighted my daughter secured a place at this school.


I am very happy that my children attend this school, all the staff and teachers do a wonderful job in ensuring the pupils have a great experience.


I am very happy my child attends this school, the staff and teachers so a wonderful job for all the pupils.



Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

Parent View allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time of the year. It features 12 questions that cover a range of issues important to parents, such as how well the school deals with bullying, the quality of teaching, whether the level of homework given is appropriate and a final question of whether or not a parent would recommend the school.

Please click here to access the official Ofsted site to find out more.

Parent View allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time of the year.

It features 12 questions that cover a range of issues important to parents, such as how well the school deals with bullying, the quality of teaching, whether the level of homework given is appropriate and a final question of whether or not a parent would recommend the school.