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The School Day


The school gate is opened at 8:45 am. At this time, Mrs Forrest, the EYFS teacher, will meet the Foundation Stage children and they will line up in front of the Foundation Stage Unit gate.

Mrs Reeson will admit children from Key Stages One and Two at this time. Children in Class 1 should line up in front of the office wall and wait to be collected by the class teaching assistant at 8:45 am.

Children in Class 2 are expected to be in the classroom by 8:50 am and Class 3 by 8:55 am.

Children may go into their classrooms before this time where they should start their morning work.

Pupils who arrive at school after these times will be marked as late in the register.


The school’s afternoon session commences at 1pm.


The school day finishes at the following times:

  • EYFS: 3:15 pm
  • Class 1: 3:20 pm
  • Class 2: 3:25 pm
  • Class 3: 3:30 pm


With the exception of the timings at the start and end of the day, these times may differ slightly between key stages.


9:00 am Read, Write Inc EYFS and KS1 pupils

               English: KS2

10:15 am class based activity

10:30 am Play time

10:45 am Maths

12 pm Lunch time

1pm Whole school Collective Worship

1:15 pm Afternoon session 1 begins

2:15 pm Play time

2:30 pm Afternoon session 2 begins

3:15 pm onwards Home time



English and Maths take place during the afternoon because of morning swimming lessons.



9 am Celebration Assembly