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The Building Project 2020

Preparing the ground for Class 3's new classroom - December 2020

A Brand New Room - with lots of drains underneath December 2020

Preparing for the new oil store - January 2020

The Foundations of a New Group Room

The new classroom for Class 3 starts to take shape - footings

Things start to get off the ground - end of January

The arrival of the new floor in liquid form - concrete

Time for the building to begin. It's so cold that the bricks need to be wrapped up!

Spot the difference

Goodbye Bridget - we'll see you on the other side


The Lone Landscaper Visits

Goodbye Old Class 3

Hello New Class 3

Things are taking shape - May 2020

Class 3 gets plastered

Moving the FS shed

Meanwhile in the garden ...

Class 2 view from the playground

Class 3 - The Finished Result