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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023  includes a reminder to schools to regularly review their filtering systems for effectiveness. Many of these were established some time ago. Both the concerning issues children may searching for and the language they use in these searches are constantly changing.  At St. Peter's we strive to ensure that our filters keep pace with this and are reviewed regularly. Pupil and staff searches are monitored by OrchestrateIT and the Head teacher receives a daily report which includes details about potential risks.

A Family Guide to Cyber Bullying

See below for recent alerts that have been sent out:

Useful websites to help you to keep your child safe:  

New TikTok parental controls allows blocking of video topics

TikTok has introduced a new feature that allows parents to control the content their children can view on the app. Part of the platform’s family pairing functionality, the feature enables adults to connect their account to their teenager’s and manage settings such as screen time limits. Last year, the app added a tool that automatically filters out videos with words or hashtags users may not want to see in their For You or Following feeds. Now the new update means that parents and guardians can set these content filters for their children. “We’re bringing this tool to Family Pairing to empower caregivers to help reduce the likelihood of their teen viewing content they may uniquely find jarring,” TikTok wrote… read more here.

Sites with risky content

Advice to help keep you and your family secure online