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The end of Term 1 already! What a lot of fun we have had in the Foundation Stage Unit this term. This is how we learn...

Everybody has been busy learning through play this term.

We have enjoyed our first few weeks back in the FSU

Autumn Term 2021


The Foundation stage team warmly welcome everybody back to school for the new school year. An especially warm welcome to our new starters; there are quite a few of you this term! We are so pleased to have you with us.  


This term our topic is “Living Things” where we will be learning about ourselves, our families, and other animals. We will also be following the children’s interests which is why our topics are broad. We will start the term with a mini-topic based on the book “The Colour Monster” which should help children to recognise and talk about their feelings.   

In the FSU, most of our learning is through play, enriching environments and practical activities. Our more structured sessions are based around Maths, RWI (phonics) and writing sessions for FS2. We will send more information out over the next few weeks regarding these; and how you can support your child’s learning in EYFS. Until then, if you would like to, please focus on name recognition and name writing, counting, listening and following instructions.  


Wednesday morning is PE morning. In line with the rest of the school, we ask that you send your child to school in their PE kits. (Joggers and school jumpers/hoodies can be worn) However, as self-care is an important part of the EYFS curriculum we do encourage children to be independent so please allow your child to dress themselves as much as possible including putting on their own coat and having a go at the zips and buttons!   


We don’t wear shoes in the FSU. You can help your child by encouraging them to take off and put on their own shoes and ensuring they are wearing socks. Please make sure they recognise their own shoes and label them. You may want to use a sticker inside the shoes to help with putting them on the right feet. (Cut the sticker in half and put one half in each shoe so that when the shoes are placed together it makes a complete picture.)  


We have very limited cloakroom space in the FSU. As such we must insist that children only bring essential items into school. Children may have a school book-bag, their own ready filled water bottle and a lunch bag/box if they are having packed lunch. Again, please make sure they are all named. You can put spare clothes in their book bag if you are worried about toilet accidents.  


In the morning, we will open the main gate and your children can come into the playground by themselves and line up by the FSU fence. We will then take them into the classroom. Please try to get to school on time. It is unsettling for children to arrive or be collected late and they find it more difficult to follow the morning routine. Both members of staff have to be in the classroom at the start of the day so we can’t wait for latecomers. If you do arrive late, wait by the FSU gate until somebody can come outside and meet you. At home time, please wait near the FSU gate for your child to be sent to you.  


If you have any concerns or would like to talk the Foundation Stage Staff, please feel free to come and speak to us at the end of the day.  


Thank you,  


The Foundation Stage Team: 

Mrs Forrest (Class Teacher)  

Mrs Murten  

Miss Brason  


We finished our "Sailing the Seven Seas" topic with a treasure hunt around the field. We had pirate treasure maps and telescopes and found treasure that we swapped for ice pops!

Our new FSU playground equipment arrived and we all love it!

We had 3 lovely days of water fun in the sunshine!

We had a great day when the skipping workshop came.

We all tried our best on Sports day!

As part of the Olympic celebrations we were lucky enough to have visitors who taught us how to do a Japanese fan dance and all about the history of the Olympics. The children really enjoyed both visitors and we are looking forward to learning more about the Olympics in class.

Learning about the land and the seas of the Earth.



We have enjoyed playing with our pirate ship small world and creating our own 'islands' with loose parts and construction materials.




Enjoying Our new balance bikes!

Term 6


The last term of the school year is here. We are hoping for lots of nice weather so we can enjoy learning outside. So, please remember to send your child to school with a hat and a water bottle. They may bring their own labelled sun cream in their book bag although they need to apply it themselves so the 24 hour/once a day protection that you can apply at home is preferable.


Our topic this term is 'Sailing the Seven Seas'. We will be learning about the seas and oceans, islands, sea creatures and Pirates! We will be making boats, investigating floating and sinking, looking at different islands, exploring sea creatures, finding and making treasure and role playing being pirates and being beside the seaside.


As always, in the EYFS, most of our learning takes place through play based activities. Some of these are child initiated and some are carefully designed or supported by an adult to help develop a skill or teach something new. Maths, Read Write Inc and more structured topic work takes place during group or whole class sessions. and this may include a task to complete or some written work for our FS2 children. We will post some of our activities on here for you to see.


As always, either Mrs Murten, Miss Brason or myself are available at the beginning and end of each session so please do not hesitate to catch one of us with any quick questions. 


Mrs Forrest





What a busy term we have had. Our caterpillars have turned into butterflies and gone to complete their life-cycle and so far we have 2 little frogs from our tadpoles. We have learnt all about pets and all sorts of wild animals.


We are hoping for more little frogs.


We used torches to search for nocturnal animals.




...and we designed and made our own wild animals.


Releasing the Butterflies.

We have 9 Butterflies! We are going to watch them in class for a few days before we let them go.

Pizza Making!

We had a brilliant day last Friday when Mr. Forrest bought his pizza oven in for us all to see. First we learnt how it worked, watched how it was lit and saw the flames inside.



Then we watched the dough being stretched and topped with tomato sauce, cheese and basil.




Then we watched it being cooked in the pizza oven.




We got to make our own cheesy dough ball and Mr. Forrest baked them too.




But the best part was when we all got to taste some. It was very popular with all the children and the staff!









We are excited to have caterpillars in the FSU! We hope to be able to see the butterfly life cycle first hand.

Our frogspawn has also hatched and we have several healthy tadpole which we hope to see grow into frogs. We will keep you updated!


Term 5


Welcome to the first half of our Summer term. Our topic this term is Animal Kingdoms. We will be learning about different types of animals and where they live. We have set up a pet shop in our role play area and will be using our small world toys and animals to create other animal kingdoms such as a zoo, an arctic area and an ocean.


We hope to be outside lots this term. Our outside area is now free of builders and will hopefully have some new play equipment soon. As we will be removing and putting on shoes regularly, please encourage your children to be independent with this and make sure shoes are clearly named. Cardigans and jumpers are also easily discarded in the hot weather and whilst we remind all the children to put them on their peg or in their bag, this doesn't always happen, so it is important that they are all clearly named too.


All children need a named water bottle in school everyday, particularly as the weather is getting warmer. These must only contain water and the soft type are advisable as they are often dropped.


Wednesday morning is our new PE slot. Please send your children to school in their school PE kit. 


If you need to speak to any of us, we are available for any short queries at the beginning and end of each day. Please contact the office if you need to speak to any of us in more detail.


From all of the Foundation Stage Team 

Term 4

It was so nice to be back in school for the second half of our Spring term. We continued washing our hands and remembering to stay in our bubble but also got to play with our friends and enjoy being back in school. For some of our new children it was their first time in school so it was particularly nice to see them.


Our topic was life cycles and growing things. We looked at the life cycles of different plants and animals and spotted signs of spring all around us.


We hope to get some tadpoles from this Frogspawn!


We Explored what is found inside an egg.

We drew lots of flowers. All the children had the opportunity to use a paint program on our new interactive TV. 

We grew cress in class and planted pea seeds and sunflower seeds. We hope you are remembering to water your seeds at home!


We usually celebrate important Christian festivals at the Church but due to Covid restrictions we had an online collective worship instead. The children really enjoyed exploring the Easter Garden and were able to recount lots of facts about the Easter story.


We ended our term with an Easter egg hunt and made chocolate nests! 


Letter to Nursery Parents January 2021

January 2021


Hello to all our FSU children and families. We are so sorry that our new term has turned out like this. Mrs Mrs Murten, Miss Brason and myself were looking forward to our Fairy Tales topic and had lots of exciting things planned. Hopefully we will all be back in school very soon but in the meantime please log on to the EYFS 'Teams' for some ideas to do at home.


We would really like it if everybody kept up with some reading, phonics, writing (or mark making) and numbers. But you should also enjoy lots of playing; building with construction toys, art, role play, outside activities, nursery rhymes and singing.


Keep safe everyone,

From Mrs Forrest 

December 2020

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a West End dance company last week. We told the story of Aladdin through dance. It was lots of fun!




This week we played glow in the dark dodgeball! Everybody enjoyed themselves.




Term 2

In term 2 we continued to wash our hands and stay in our bubbles! We also learnt about the seasons and all the different types of weather. We checked the weather everyday and recorded it on our weather chart in class. Imagine the excitement when it started to snow!



Bonfire Night

We enjoyed watching a video of the New Years Eve firework display in London. We used 'snaps' dipped in paint to make our own firework display picture!



Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is always very special in school. We watched a lovely video about how the poppies grew in the battle fields and talked about why we 'remember'. 




There was great excitement when the workmen came to lay the new outdoor flooring!




Windy weather was great for kite flying and we made wind chimes to take home - we hope you like them.


As part of our weather topic, we talked about animals that hibernate and how to look after the animals through the winter. We made bird feeders to take home and to feed the birds at school.


Term 1

What a lot we managed to pack into our first term! Along with plenty of hand washing and Covid precautions, we also learnt lots about our topic; 'Ourselves'.

We investigated what made us unique and what we were good at. We looked at our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy and we talked about family and friendship.



We couldn't celebrate Harvest time in the Church like usual but we learnt all about where our food comes from and talked about how we should be thankful for all the things we have.


Farmyard Play in the tuff spot

Farmyard play in the tuff spot




We enjoyed shucking corn, chopping vegetables and making bread and soup.

Shucking corn




Who knew pumpkins could be so much fun!



Welcome Letter Autumn 2020


The Foundation stage team warmly welcome everybody back to school for the new school year. We are still in the midst of the strangest of times but as a school we are doing everything we can to make things as normal as possible for your children, not least here in the Foundation Stage.


An especially warm welcome to our new starters. We are so pleased to have you with us and our older children are being incredibly kind in helping our younger children to feel settled in their new school environment.

This term our topic is “All about Me” where we will be learning about ourselves and our families and celebrating everything that makes us unique. We will also be looking at our homes, drawing self-portraits and talking about the things we love to do. The FS team will also be spending lots of time this term ensuring that the emotional needs of all the children are met.


We will send more information out over the next few weeks with regard to reading, assessments and how you can support your child’s learning in EYFS. Until then, please focus on name recognition and name writing, counting, listening and following instructions.


Friday morning is PE morning. As independent dressing is an important learning opportunity in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) we hope to get changed into our PE kit in school next term but for the moment, in line with the rest of the school, we ask that you send your child to school in their PE kits on Fridays.  You can prepare your child for next term by encouraging them to dress themselves as much as possible including putting on their own coat and having a go at the zips and buttons!


To support the children’s gross motor skills and create a more homely environment we are going to be removing shoes in the FSU. Please help your child by encouraging them to take off and put on their own shoes and ensuring they are wearing socks.


We have very limited cloakroom space in the FSU. As such we must insist that children only bring essential items into school. Children may have a school book-bag, their own ready filled water bottle and a lunch bag/box if they are having packed lunch. Please do not bring water bottles in a separate bag.


If you have any concerns or would like to speak the Foundation Stage Staff please feel free to come and speak to us at the end of the day.


Thank you,


From the Foundation Stage Team:

Mrs Forrest (Class Teacher)

Mrs Murton

Miss Brason