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Communication from 'Safer Schools'     25th November 2020


We’re sharing urgent concerns about conversations happening on TikTok, about 'Megan is Missing’a movie being discussed on social media and shared on YouTube.


Our online safety experts have observed children and young people discussing the movie on TikTok and seeking out the link to the full film which now has over 4million views.  


The film depicts the online grooming and subsequent abduction, sexual assault and rape of what is represented as a 14-year-old high school student.   


The highly distressing content could have a lasting negative impact on children and young people, especially those who have experienced child sexual abuse and exploitation. 


TikTok users are posting videos of their reactions to the film, as well as taking part in an online challenge, in which they see how long they can last while watching the most disturbing scenes.

We have reported this video!