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School Visits

Curriculum linked visits

Visits are often arranged to support a topic that is being learned about in class. These visits may take place at the start of the topic to 'hook' the children's interest or further into the topic, to consolidate their learning.


Foundation and Key Stage One pupils take a 'journey' to Bethlehem when they take part in the Nativity event with the Outdoor Education Service and Time Travel with the Diocese at Southwell Minster.



Residential visits

Years 3 & 4 

Hathersage visit 


Years 3 & 4

Coastal visit

In the summer of 2023, the lower Key Stage 2 children will visit Whitby for 3 days. They will stay in a local hotel and learn about features of coastlines such as bays, headlands and coastal erosion. The children will spend a day in Robin Hood's Bay with the National Trust where they will take part in fossil hunting, rock pooling and orienteering activities.




Years 5 & 6