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The Big Plastic Count

The Big Plastic Count

March 2024


"Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic have teamed up to run The Big Plastic Count.

In 2022 nearly 250,000 people from schools, households and communities across the country made The Big Plastic Count the biggest investigation into UK household plastic waste. It showed that almost 100 billion pieces of plastic are thrown away in the UK each year, with hardly any of it recycled.

With everyone's help, They'll gather more, game-changing evidence that will push the government to take bold action on plastic."


The whole school has been asked to take part at home.  School Council has been counting plastic thrown away in school and keeping track.

Next week School Council will remind their classmates to submit their data and will create class and school plastic footprints based on the plastic that has been counted. 


Interested in finding out more?  Have a look at The Big Plastic Count website.  

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