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Our Christian Distinctiveness

Zambia update: the children wearing our uniforms! What a difference we have made for these children.They now all have matching uniforms. Amazing! Taking care of the world and others in action 😊

Children enjoying playing 'Thoughtful Jenga' at playtime-thank you for creating this Candle Group!

Modern Slavery Ambassadors training at Southwell-Archbishop's Palace

Feedback from Jenny at 'Raise a Smile'following the donations of school uniform and KS2 recording and sending carol singing for the children of the school to watch:


 'I really want to thank St Peter's for the huge boxes of uniforms! The blue uniforms will go to Kapita School and the Red to Uyoba who have red uniforms. We loved your singing and can't wait to sing backatya!

Many of the children only have one set of clothes and they will at least be able to wear one and wash one. They will need to carry water from the well to do that washing...imagine.  For them it is just a daily routine! There is no electricity, so cooking is over a fire. I wish you could meet the kids as they are the happiest bunch I know. Thank you for kind donations, we are truly grateful.'


Zambia link: Our further donation of School Uniforms have arrived! Due to recent flooding, the village has been cut off by car so the teachers came to the river to collect the boxes from Jenny at 'Raise a Smile'. Further photos of the schools who have received them to follow. Well done St Peter's, just another way we live out our 'Take Care' ethos! 'Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share,' 1 Timothy 6:18

Our Zambia link. As a school community, we believe in taking care of others. Our charity work supporting 'Raise a Smile' charity has enabled us to donate furniture from our own school. It is so lovely to see what a difference we can make.

Candle Group collective worship: being courageous

Candle Group running activities: blowing bubbles for our hopes and dreams

Class One's Charitable Act as part of their Autumn Term R.E curriculum. Great work Class one!

Making Christingles

KS2 singing carols for the village Soup and Pud club

Candle group preparing activities for the children

Class Two's Muslim experience afternoon.

As part of our Christian ethos, we promote tolerance and respect for all faiths and religions and we welcome those from other faith communities to join us in school.

Class Two were very fortunate to have had Mrs Khalid, a class parent, come in and share her Muslim faith with them. During this time, they learned about the five pillars of Islam and various Muslim festivals. They really enjoyed trying food that is traditionally eaten during times of celebration. The children were especially inquisitive about Ramadam and the discipline Muslims have to have to fast and the reasons why they do this. Mrs Khalid has agreed to join us to celebrate Ed ul Fitr in school next May when the festival takes place. We can't wait for her to join us again! Thank you so much Mrs Khalid 😊


Candle group changing the alter to advent colours

Messy church- taking care of me 25/11/19

Remembrance service 11.11.19

Harvest festival-10/19

Candle group collective worship September 2019

Thy kingdom come week. Making prayer bracelets and a prayer wall with our school community 06/19

Messy church- exploring the Trinity 06/19

Celebration of other faiths-Diwali 10/18

Messy church-09/18