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Roblox is a popular online game aimed at children aged 8+ which gives users freedom to create their own games or play games which other users have created. Roblox also offers a chat facility.

A recent Net-aware survey found that 16% of children who reviewed Roblox found that the game was risky due to the ability to be able to:

· Make In-app purchases
· Ability to talk to strangers
· People you don’t know adding you

Roblox does have its imaginative and creative side – it allows children to be creative and think about what they’d like to see in game development.

Although Roblox does have the ability to add privacy settings (pre-set under 12s), there are still risks surrounding the ability to add unknown users, limited control over strangers adding youngsters, bullying and of course, the ability to make in app purchases. These all carry their individual risks. For more information about Roblox, please visit our website here at: Include link to Roblox where you’ll find some really useful information about the app, learn how to add privacy settings and see what parents/carers and children think about the Roblox. You can also visit Roblox at:

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