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School Photographs on Social Media

Newsletter : 8th March 2018 
Photographs on Social Media
Dear parents & carers,

It has come to my attention that photographs taken at school events are included on certain parents’ Facebook pages.

It is the school policy that photographs of school events are not uploaded to social media in the interests of safeguarding ALL of our pupils. Unfortunately, many of the photographs that I saw included lots of other pupils from the school alongside the parents’ child(ren).

Not only is this a breach of the Home/School Agreement, it is utterly irresponsible behaviour. The school goes to great lengths to ensure that ALL our pupils are safe and at least one parent has put this at risk. 

What is particularly disappointing is that before every single school event, I ask parents and carers not to share images on social media. 

If you have photographs that have been taken at school events, that feature children other than your own, even if they are in the background, I would politely request that you remove them from your account.

Unfortunately, if this happens again or if existing photographs are not removed, I will have no other option than to ban the use of phones and iPads etc at school events. This would be both a great pity and completely unfair on those people who do show respect to fellow parents.

I am very sorry that I have had to send such a negative letter. Please forgive me but I have a responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of the pupils at St. Peter’s.

Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely,

Yvonne Reeson - Head teacher